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Adaptive Technology

R. J. Cooper
Tar Heel Reader


Blended Learning/Lessons



Charts and Graphs

Chart Gizmo
Chart Go
Chart Tool
DIY Chart


Classroom Management

Television Tunes
Teacher Toolkit Classroom Management


Functional Skills



Holiday Activities

Holiday Ideas by DLTK
JumpStart Holiday Activities
TLSBooks Holiday Pages


Instructional Tech




PE/Physical Activities

Fit Wizard

Primary School Stuff

Star Fall
Tux Paint


Primary School Stuff

Guide to Reading Comprehension

Primary School Stuff

Scholastic Story Starters
Story Starters


Virtual Field Trips

Way to Fly Virtual Field Trips
Tech Trekers Virtual Field Trips
Area Vibes Virtual Field Trips
Google Earth


Worksheets & Games

Bingo Boards
Board Game Maker
Bounce Around
Certificate Maker
Crisscross Bingo
Crossword Maker
Dice Maker
Domino Maker
Listening Tests
Matching Worksheets
Maze Maker
Spelling and Reading
Vocabulary Handout
Word Search Maker
Wordbank Worksheet
Writing and Tracing


Edugoodies: Your Online Teacher Toolbox
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